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30-m Receiver Cabin Refurbishment: First light

The refurbishment of the 30-m telescope receiver cabin described below in Sec. 2 has so far progressed according to schedule. The cabin has been emptied completely of the previous equipment. The new support frames and receivers have been installed during the first week of October. Figure 1 shows the very first pointing scan with the four new receivers in parallel, obtained the night after the installation was completed. The alignment is ``as is'' following installation and laser alignment. It seems that no further adjustment will be necessary for the moment. The diplexers were not yet calibrated, and were at random positions. The effective value(s) of the calibration load had not yet been determined (different intensities for receivers at the same frequency).



Figure 1: First co-alignment check after physical installation of the new receivers

Much work remains to be done to fully characterize the system. A more complete report will appear in the next issue of the Newsletter.

The construction teams