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Remote observing from IRAM Grenoble

Remote observing at Pico Veleta is now possible from IRAM Grenoble for technically easy, not too long projects and experienced 30m observers. Further tests during the summer were very promising. Remote observing from Grenoble may be useful for long integrations, detection experiments and other projects that do not require a lot of interaction. It is also an interesting alternative for projects that would otherwise be done in "service observing". Other than in service observing, the remote observer can change his or her observing strategy during the run.

Some of the limitations at the moment are the use of written communication with the telescope operator (xhchat split screen, there is no voice link yet), and the lack of some alarm signals at the remote location (e.g. phase lock alarm). Experience shows that the connection between Grenoble and Pico Veleta via a digitial ISDN telephone line is stable once it is established. Problems have sometimes occured during the startup phase.

Everyone interested in using remote observing from Grenoble should contact well in advance W. Wild ( or C. Thum ( in order to discuss the suitability of the project and arrange for an introduction and trial run.

Wolfgang Wild