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Future control system for the 30-m Telescope

We have started to plan a new control system for the 30-m telescope. I (Hans Ungerechts, email: have been asked to coordinate IRAM's work on this project.

Changes will include a move to new hardware as well as new software and new features at the user level. While maintaining the many successful features of the current system, we will use this opportunity to rethink the system very broadly in order to serve the needs of the observers better, to make the operation and use of the telescope easier, and to achieve more flexibility in the data acquisition, processing, and archiving.

All users of the 30-m are strongly encouraged to let us know their suggestions for improvements of the observing system and especially ideas for new observing modes.

There will be a new WWW page with information and regular updates about this project at our site (and

Hans Ungerechts