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Jan 30 - Feb 27

Ident. Title Freq. (GHz) Authors
210.95 Search for high z elliptical starbursts emitting the diffuse mm background bolometer Puget, Omont, Guiderdoni et al.
217.95 Search for small anisotropy of the cosmic microwave background bolometer Kreysa, Biermann, Chini, Zylka et al.
183.95 Continuum emission in young outflows bolometer Gueth, Neri, Guilloteau, Dutrey, Bachiller
181.95 Cold dust in NGC891, M51 and IC342: a key to the molecular gas content of spiral galaxies bolometer Zylka, Guélin, Mezger, Garcia-Burillo
182.95 Mapping the cold dust emission from HI warps bolometer Neininger, Guélin, Dumke, Zylka, Wielebinski
149.95 Dust emission from prestellar cores in Bok globules bolometer Launhardt, Henning, Osterloh, Zylka
166.95 Cold dust emission in Taurus dark clouds bolometer Cox, Cernicharo, Zylka, André, Ward-Thompson