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Feb 27 - Mar 12

Ident. Title Freq. (GHz) Authors
182.95 Mapping the cold dust emission from HI warps bolometer Neininger, Guélin, Dumke, Zylka, Wielebinski
225.95 Comparison of dust extinction and dust emission in IC 5146 bolometer Kramer, Sievers, Lada, Walmsley
115.95 HH energy sources, deeply embedded stars and protostellar condensations bolometer Chini, Reipurth, Sievers, Ward-Thompson
108.95 Dust at high z bolometer Chini, Kruegel
215.95 mm continuum studies of QSOs with z = 2 to 3 bolometer McMahon, Omont, Cox
177.95 Dust mm-wave emission from evolved stars : AGB envelopes bolometer Bujarrabal, Alcolea, Cernicharo, Neri, Cox
204.95 mm emission from dust envelopes around post-AGB stars bolometer Alcolea, Bujarrabal, Cernicharo, Cox, Neri
165.95 L 1544 : A collapsing starless core ? bolometer Tafalla, Myers, Bachiller, Mardones, Caselli, Benson