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Until now, IRAM Grenoble has organized three interferometry schools. The annoncement of the next one, together with its links to the downloadable lectures, can be found below. The proceedings of the first two schools are also available on-line.
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Fourth IRAM Millimeter Interferometry School 2004


  Last update: 27 October 2004

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The presentations are available online.

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IRAM organizes this year its

Fourth Millimeter Interferometry School.

The school will take place this year at the IRAM headquarters (Grenoble, France) from November 22 to 27.

If you are interested, please go to the section Registration & Practical Information and follow the instructions, or  contact us.
Please check regularly the announcements on this site.

The school is intended for PhD students, post-docs and scientists who want to acquire a good knowledge of interferometry techniques at mm wavelengths. In the same spirit as the previous three interferometry schools, the courses will be focused on the Plateau de Bure interferometer, with an outlook to the next generation interferometer ALMA. Demonstration sessions will help the participants to become familiar with the reduction and imaging of Plateau de Bure data and the related technology. We would like to encourage participants to present posters related to their scientific work.

Please consult the proceedings of the first and second IRAM interferometry schools (clic here for the online editions and downloadable versions in PDF and PS format). The proceedings of the second interferometry school are also available in printed form upon request (ed. Anne Dutrey, ISBN 2-9516869).

The lectures of the third IRAM interferometry school can
be found at http://www.iram.fr/IRAMFR/IS/lectures.html

The school's  poster :

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