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Program Committee Recommendations

Observing proposals were discussed by the last program committee, for a scheduling period starting Nov 15, 1995, to May 15, 1996 (see details on Table 1). A programs will be scheduled in priority. Further time, if it becomes available, will go to B programs, taking into account scientific merit, crowding in certain right ascension ranges and general aspects of balance. B proposals will only be started in case of available observing time. Special recommendations have also been made for some of the ``A'' and ``B'' projects: the authors will be contacted directly by IRAM.

Please note that because of our lack of specific experience and also because of scheduling constraints, 1.3mm and long baselines observations will be performed on a ``best effort'' basis, without guarantee of result. We remind you that B projects which have not been started are no longer automatically resubmitted: authors have to resubmit them explicitly.



Table: Plateau de Bure: project status A: Accepted, B: Backup if available time, C: Rejected.