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GILDAS on Windows 95

As an alternative to GILDAS on LINUX running on PC's, the "``Grenoble Image and Line Data Analysis System'' is being ported to Windows 95 (WIN32). GREG, ASTRO, GRAPHIC, CLASS and NIC are already available and for CLIC, the availability of the Lapack library still has to be worked out. The Graphical User Interfaces tools, based on Motif for the UNIX version, have been completely rewritten for the Microsoft WIN32 environment. For the time being this WIN32 version is being tested on Windows 95 but later the package will be checked under Windows NT, a fast growing operating system, and maybe a competitor for UNIX in the future. A tested and unoptimized version of GILDAS/WIN32 will be released soon, and more information on its distribution will be found on