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Call for Observing Proposals on the 30m Telescope

The next deadline for the submission of observing proposals for the IRAM 30 m telescope is March 5th, 1998, midnight (24 h). The observing session will extend from May 15, 1998 to Nov. 15, 1998 and cover roughly the `summer' period at Pico Veleta. We do not plan any bolometer session and only proposals at tex2html_wrap_inline1878 mm using heterodyne receivers will be considered. A maximum of about 3000 hours could be available for scheduling which would allow to schedule some longer programs (e.g. 90-150 h) with emphasis on tex2html_wrap_inline1768 3 mm observations. However, the current planning foresees that the telescope is taken out of operation for a period of about 2 months, for a complete refurbishment of the receiver cabin, in which case less time will be available. The Program Committee will be informed about the actual situation at the time of proposal evaluation.

Please, find below some relevant information.