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Call for Observing Proposals on the 30m Telescope

The next deadline for the submission of observing proposals for the IRAM 30 m telescope is Monday, September 12th 1994 . The observing period will cover roughly the `winter' period at Pico Veleta. Three types of proposals will be considered:

  1. Proposals at 3 mm, 2 mm and 1.2--1.3 mm wavelength using heterodyne receivers (to be scheduled between November 15th, 1994 and May 15th, 1995),

  2. Proposals at 0.8 mm wavelength using a heterodyne receiver (to be scheduled during a 2-week observing session in January 1995). The receiver will be the IRAM SIS 345 GHz receiver which was installed at the telescope during the January 1994 run. This receiver can be operated simultaneously with 230G1 and the 3mm SIS RX.

  3. Proposals at 1.3 mm wavelength using a bolometer. The bolometer will be an array belonging to the MPIfR with 7 (or more) channels. It will be installed in January/February 1995 at the telescope and used during a 3-4 week observing period.

Roughly 3000 h of observing time will be available during this 6 month period, which should allow scheduling of a few bigger (e.g. 90--120 h) programmes with emphasis on 1.3 mm heterodyne observations (see below). No new call for `key programmes' is issued for this period. Please, find below some relevant information as well as a copy of the proposal form.

A quarter-wave plate polarimeter, allowing to switch between left and right circular polarizations, has been built for e.g. Zeeman splitting measurements. This polarimeter should be available for the November 1994 -- May 1995 period (please indicate that you request it on the line `special requirements' of the proposal form).

Robert Lucas
Thu Mar 9 14:24:13 MET 1995