Signal processing for the 5th generation of Plateau de Bure Backends
(list of memos)

An Architecture for Integrating VLBI Digital Processing into the Next Generation IRAM PdBI Correlator
(Roberto Garcia, Sept 2010)

Future spectral correlator with embedded Digital BBC . Extract of a presentation 
(Marc Torres, Aug 2010)

A few considerations about  Barycentric Referencing   (Marc Torres, Oct 2011)

Optimal amplitude settings across the signal chain; (Marc Torres, Fev 2012)

Frequency issues for the NOEMA backends; (Marc Torres, March 2012)

An 8 GHz digital spectrometer for millimeter-wave astronomy
Roberto G. García, Olivier Gentaz, Maryse Baldino, Marc Torres,  to be found in 2012 SPIE proceedings