Guidelines for IRAM users and visitors during the corona virus epidemy

March 6, 2020

The access to the IRAM offices and facilities (Grenoble headquarter, Granada office, NOEMA observatory, 30m telescope) is not authorized to persons who have travelled during the last two weeks to areas flagged as high risk zones by WHO, currently including China, Iran, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, South Korea and northern Italy (Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, and Veneto regions) and assigned French zones of risk. The visit of these persons is to be postponed to a later date.

If to the best of her-his knowledge, the visitor has been in close contact with people who have travelled from or through the above-mentioned locations in the last two weeks, he-she is also not authorized to come to the IRAM offices and facilities (Grenoble headquarter, Granada office, NOEMA observatory, 30m telescope)

30m Observers:

1.- Whenever possible, use the remote observing mode for your visitor run, rather than the on-site one. If you are not an experienced observer, please contact us to provide you with extra support (
2.- if direct observations are unavoidable (e.g. if you have no experience at all observing at the 30m) and therefore you should travel to the 30m, please consider that:

  • If you feel sick (showing any or several of these symptoms: dry cough, fever, muscle pain, difficulties breathing) do not attempt to travel.
  • If you come from any of the areas flagged as of high risk by WHO or have passed by these areas within 14 days of your travel, you won’t be allowed to visit the telescope until the 14-days quarantine period has passed.
  • If, once at the telescope, you feel sick with any of the symptoms described above, please report immediately to be evacuated.
  • When at the telescope or the IRAM Granada offices, please respect the indications given in the accompanying memorandum.

3.- In case that you cannot perform the observations (either remotely or in-person) please contact as early as possible the 30m Scheduler, Carsten Kramer, and the 30m Station Manager, Miguel Sánchez, for support.

Visitors for NOEMA and ALMA f2f support Grenoble:

All visits to the IRAM headquarters for a face-to-face expert assistance with the processing of NOEMA and ALMA data are suspended until further notice. Users of scheduled or observed projects are asked to contact the science operations group (SOG for NOEMA) (ARC for ALMA) to check the possibility of a data reduction with remote expert support. Priority in the support will be given to already registered visitors. Remote assistance being limited to three data reduction sessions at the same time, users are invited to consult the NOEMA visitors' schedule before contacting their Local Contact. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to registered users who have already made travel plans.

These rules may be updated at any time, please keep yourself informed.