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Fourth IRAM Millimeter Interferometry School 2004


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Preliminary program

Travel Information

You will arrive from ...

Lyon airport "Saint-Exupéry"

Take the shuttle bus of the company "Cars Fauré" (SATOBUS) leaving from

the departure level of Terminal 1. Tickets  can be bought in the central
entrance hall (departure level, ticket counter next to the bus stop). The return
ticket (30 Euro both ways) is cheaper than two one-way tickets. The trip to
Grenoble takes roughly 1 hour and stops at the central bus station next to the
Grenoble railway station. Here you can find the Satobus schedule.

Geneva airport "Cointrin":
You can take a train (CFF) from the train station in the airport to the Geneva 
Cornavin central station. There is also a public bus (TPG) to the city center
with a stop at the central train station (either "22-Cantons" or "Gare Cornavin").

From the Cornavin station, there is a SNCF train connection to Grenoble,
either via Lyon or Chambery. Direct connections are rather rare (three on a

Where do I find my hotel ?

Upon arrival at the Grenoble SNCF train station, you may either want to walk
(15 minutes) or take the tramway line A (direction Denis Papin) or B (direction

Tickets should be bought at the dispensers at the tram stations, or in a tabac
shop, and have to be stamped before entering the tram. The "carnet de tickets"
(for ten rides) is cheaper than 10 one-way fares.

Get out at the second tram stop, "Gambetta", and walk into the rue Thiers.

Please have a look at the reservation list which will soon appear here. You will
find your hotel there. Please check the map of Grenoble downtown. If you stay
in a shared double room, you will be in the Splendid Hôtel (22, rue Thiers, green
dot). Single rooms are also booked in Hotel Victoria (17, rue Thiers, red dot) and
the Hôtel Trianon (3, rue Pierre Arthaud, blue dot).

As an indication, here a the room fares for the Splendid Hotel and the Hotel Trianon.

Single Room Splendid Hotel
 47,50 Euro per night
Shared Double Room Splendid Hotel
 26,00 Euro per night & per person
Continental Breakfast Splendid Hotel
   4,50 Euro
Single Room Hotel Trianon incl. breakfast
 44,00 Euro
Visitor's tax
   0,60 Euro per day & per person

How do I get to IRAM ?
From your Hotel, go to the next tramway station at the intersection of Boulevard 
Gambetta and Avenue Alsace-Lorraine, and take the tramway line B, direction
"Universités". Get off at the station "Les taillées" (after the tram crossed the Isère
river twice). From there, IRAM is at an easy walking distance (plan). The tramway
needs about 20 minutes, the frequency is about once every 10 minutes (6 minutes
at peak hours).

Tickets should be bought from a dispenser or in a tabac shop, and have to be
stamped before entering the tram (1 ticket = 1.20€ - card of 10 tickets = 10€ - card
of 20 tickets = 18.70€).