6th IRAM Interferometry School
Grenoble, October 6-10 2008

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Aperture Synthesis at mm Wavelengths

Introduction to mm astronomy (P.Cox)
mm antennas and their calibration (P. Hily-Blant) 
Interferometry and aperture synthesis (J. Pety)  
The mm-wave interferometer (F.Gueth) 

The Plateau de Bure interferometer

The Plateau de Bure interferometer (R. Neri)  
Using the Plateau de Bure (J.M.Winters)
Atmospheric phase correction (M.Bremer) 
The NOEMA project (R.Neri)


Calibration principles (F.Gueth) 
PdBI data calibration in practice (V.Pietu) 

Imaging & Data Analysis

Imaging & deconvolution Part I and Part II  (J. Pety) 
PdBI imaging and UV analysis in practice (A.Castro-Carrizo) 
Large-scale mapping (F. Gueth) 
Sensitivity and noise (S.Guilloteau) 


The ALMA project (L.A. Nyman) 
The ALMA Regional Center (P. Andreani) 
The ARC node at IRAM (F. Gueth)  
CASA (M. Zwaan)
The Observing Tool (P. Salome)

Science with PdBI - some examples

Solar System science with the PdBI  (J. Boissier)
Chasing the gas structure around AFGL 490 (K. Schreyer)
The evolved SB galaxy M82  (M. Krips)
CO observations of Spitzer selected z>2 ULIRGs (N. Fiolet)
Gas and star-formation in the Cosmic Eye (K. Coppin)